Renewable Energy & Sustainability, 21 years of the ‘LE VIVRAY’ Project.

Chapter 18.

Making Wind Turbines, 3.7m diameter.

ISBN 978-0-9935903-4-4

A  A4 size publication with 28 pages, 7000 words and 123 colour photographs.

This is part of our main book that is being written at this moment, ‘Renewable Energy & Sustainability, 21 years of the ‘LE VIVRAY’ Project’. And it will be a large and very costly publication, so to keep costs down and yet get the information out there, this book publication is a small print run, and is just chapter 18 from 25 chapters of our main publication.

Yet again the cost of the book is the printing costs and also includes Postage costs to for sending to most places of the World.  

The ‘Making Wind Turbines’ book is our Empirical evidence-based story, from 2007, there is NO armchair waffling, this book it’s about facts.  It follows our research, developments and manufacturing, with also Fiberglass blades manufacturing. It’s a wart’s and all, and shows material failures, and our final conclusions in today’s World of 2022.  

23£ GBP,

Includes postage to most countries of the World