Renewable Energy.

Solar Trackers.  

Wind Turbines. 


PV, Photovoltaic Static Installations. 

Off Grid & Your Own Mini Grid.  

PV panels, Photovoltaic, testing broken ones.

What is AC Coupling

We design and make cost effective renewable energy machines. We also publish 'How to Make' books.


Conservation, restoration, repair, design and manufacture of clocks, watches and scientific instruments.

Microengineering services 8mm down to 5 micron.

Leslie R A Bryan F.B.H.I.

About Bryan Horology and Microengineering 

With over 40 years of experience in advanced horology and engineering, and from classic longcase timepieces to the smallest watch.

Leslie will give you expert advice, with realistic quotes, to help you take your timepieces and scientific instruments into the next century.

Manufacturer and designer of high quality clocks, watches and scientific instruments.

Leslie Bryan originally trained and worked in Production & Design Engineering, specialising in Automotive small batch manufacturing, however, by the late 1970s the relevant industries were creating disillusionment, as cost was always paramount before quality.

He changed course when some friends of his noted that they couldn’t find anyone skilled to maintain, service and repair their priceless antique timepieces. In 1983 at the age of 26, Leslie decided to study Horology as a mature student at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, where he gained outstanding grades and achieved many awards for his innovative and creative work, among others the Victor Ludorum for best student for making a skeleton clock.

 He is a Fellow of the British Horological Institute.

Leslie will shortly be running a course "Make Your Own Table Regulator Clock", for which he is currently writing a book.

He also finds time to teach residential renewable energy skills on a free of charge basis at the family smallholding in Normandy, in exchange for help with the renovation work.

"To have an effective business you must have careful consideration of your aims and use diplomacy an awful lot. Most importantly if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you shouldn’t be doing it!" Leslie R A Bryan F.B.H.I.