PV, Photovoltaic Static Installations. 


  1. PV. PhotoVoltaic panels, ………

Manufacturing costs for these PV panels has drastically reduced over the last 20 years, and therefore making Renewable Energy electricity production at a very good cost effective solution.  All PV production is a DC voltage and this will need to be converted to a AC domestic voltage for a normal house.

On average 15,000 Watts, or 15kW is about for a normal dwelling/house, so 15kW of PV would take  a required space/size in your garden with a PV array of between  20 meters by 5 meters and 25 meters by 3.4 meters

That would be for 60 panels at 250w each and 1.6m x 1m each, 3 rows of 20 would be 20 meters by 5 meters.

For the latest up to date more efficient PV panels at 330w that are 1.8m by 1.1m each, 3 rows of 16 would be a space of 18 meters by 5.4 metres.  

In 2019 15kW of PV Mono Crystalline panels can be from 4.500e to 9,200 Euros. 

For best results your PV should be directly faceing the sun and angled to face the sun at Midday on the days of the Spring or Autumn Equinox.

The different stages of fitting PV rail brackets to a Slate roof.

This building roof, 6 meters by 6 meters, is having a new roof fitted, so an ideal time to prepare for covering the South facing side, (Northern Hemisphere) with 3.3kW of PV.

Next is installing the PV aluminium rails that will take the 10 PV panels.